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We provide services in Montreal, as well as on the North Shore and South Shore of the city

  Use our fleet of trucks to efficiently ship any of your hazardous goods  


When it comes to transporting hazardous materials for your company, V.I.P. Transport is at your service. We have a fleet of trucks equipped to handle your needs. From handling your palettes or any heavy goods, all of our vehicles are equipped with tailgates. Thanks to our equipment, the shipping process can be completed very quickly. You can also call us to take care of transporting any other goods and materials.

A wide range of shipping options can be offered and tailored to your needs.

Depending on your needs, various transportation choices are available.


Since shipping hazardous materials is a dangerous and difficult task, our drivers are all certified by Via Prévention. They can therefore guarantee safe transport of your merchandise. Furthermore, because of tracking and tracing devices, we are in constant contact with our drivers, and the proof of deliveries are always attached to each bill. 

Call on our services for safe and secure shipping.

Our qualified staff can also answer any of your administrative questions.

 You can count on our dependable services. You will not be disappointed!  

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